During the summer of 2009 the lab conducted a series of lectures and workshops discussing the geometry of the complex projective line. Students participating were expected to give lectures, develop software and contribute to a conformal geometry handbook documenting our progress. At the end of the summer participating undergraduates each gave a presentation to the mathematics department.

2009 EGL Team

Note: The Mathematica package ConformalGeometry.m will is included for legacy purposes only. The functions have been incorporated into Hyperbolic Toolbox, which will continue to be developed and supported.

The Space of Chains in CP1

Greg Laun

Greg Laun Project Thumbnail

Presentation and interactive demonstation of the space of chains in CP1, which is a 3-manifold homeomorphic to (S2 x R)/Z2.

Pencils of Chains and Convexity Properties of the Space of Chains

Jason Rauen

Jason Rauen Project Thumbnail

Interactive demonstration of pencils of chains.

Two Generator Fuchsian Schottky Systems: How Quickly do Circles Shrink?

Ed Yasutake

Ed Yasutake Project Thumbnail

Explores Schottky groups.

Actions of Isometry Groups on the Space of Geodesics

Joia Hertz

Joia Hertz Project Thumbnail

Demonstrates spherical, Euclidean, and hyperbolic transformations with graphics.

Circle Packing and the Apollonian Gasket

Tevis Tsai

Tevis Tsai Project Thumbnail

Investigates the Apollonian Gasket.