Necessary Functions - code is suppressed, descriptions are below.

IdentifyVertices[graph_Graph, {v_, w_}] := Return[graph] /;v == w ;

IdentifyVertices :: usage = "IdentifyVertices[graph,{v,w}] returns the quotient of graph obtained by identifying vertices v and w" ;

CreateStartingBouquet :: usage = "CreateStartingBouquet[{word1,word2,...}] returns the starting Bouquet graph generated by the list of words" ;

FindWordsFromGraphs :: usage = "FindWordsFromGraphs[graph,spanningtree] returns the list of words which are induced by the tree inside graph" ;

FindPossibleFolds :: usage = "FindPossibleFolds[graph] returns all possible pairs of edges that could be folded" ;

FindTree :: usage = "FindTree[graph] returns a geodesic spanning tree inside a directed graph with a basepoint that is the largest numbered vertex in graph" ;

ChangeTree :: usage = "ChangeTree[tree,edge] returns a spanning tree which contains edge.  edge must have the form {{v1,v2},opts}" ;

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